GRASAG UMaTThe Graduate Students Association of Ghana, UMaT Chapter is by extension, an arm of GRASAG National which is the umbrella body of Graduate Students in Ghana, instituted by an act of parliament in the year 1993.
The chapter by all standards embraces the core mandate set forth by the umbrella body to promote, improve and coordinate postgraduate studies and the general wellbeing of students pursing higher education in all tertiary institutions in the country.
GRASAG – UMaT chapter has its prime objective to serve as the official mouthpiece of all postgraduate students acting as the main conduit of correspondence between the students and the University Management. Defying all odds, the chapter has been relentless in this pursuit, seeing to it that all major issues of students are well addressed.
It has also been the best interest of the chapter to champion the course of members in the fight for their rights and privileges not only within the confines of this University, but contributing its voice to topical issues affecting the Ghanaian student at council.
As part of measures to frontline capacity building and enliven the spirit of togetherness among members, the chapter coordinates with other institutions and student groups for the mutual interest of all members. Activities germane to the development of members are prioritised by the chapter to holistically reorient and develop members to be agents of change, whether in line with their discipline of studies or better equip them for social impact. This is achieved through organized lectures, symposia, debates and other activities.
More so, asseverating strong commitment to social impact, the chapter holds in high esteem annual outreaches it organizes to most senior high schools within the Tarkwa environs to educate, mentor and inspire young students to aspire for greater feats. It also serves as an opportune platform to provide useful information to major issues of concern to most students.
GRASAG – UMaT has evolved through many restructurings since its inception to that enviable chapter we all behold with pride. The current formidability of the chapter is attributable to the selfless service rendered by both past and current executives to carve a niche for the chapter as well as indelibly make visible the chapter among other subsidiary chapters of the umbrella organisation. It is the broad vision of the chapter to remain competitive and useful in all national representations, resourceful as the mouthpiece to the concerns and plights of all students and finally churn out members who will live for a course greater than themselves creating a lasting social impact within society and their sphere of influence.


Committees and Organisational Structure

Standing committees

  1. Judiciary
  2. Electoral
  3.  Welfare
  4. Programmes
  5. Finance
  6. Editoria
  7. Gender commission

Ad hoc committees

  1. Vetting
  2. Audit

Long Live GRASAG UMaT!
Long Live GRASAG National !!
Long Live Ghana !!!