GRASAG – UMaT Pays Tribute to the Late Mavis Aku Tetey

As the custom of the university is: to pay tribute to deserving workers and student who pass on within their course of study or work in the university, Executives of GRASAG – UMaT and some members of the association were present at the Evening of Tributes to bid Mavis Aku Tetey farewell. The Late Mavis Aku Tetey was a student of Masters of Business Technology Management (Strategic Human Resource option) and the administrator of the Faculty of Integrated Management Sciences (FIMs). Reading the tribute on behalf of the association, the president Mr. Jacob Atewin Abaare highlighted that the entire postgraduate community was still in the state of shock and finding it difficult to come to terms with the sad reality that Mavis was gone. He, however, concluded that it was our belief that she had transitioned to be with the Lord and we were very certain of our meeting again at the resurrection of the dead.

Read full tribute below:


Then I heard a voice from heaven say, “Write this: ‘Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on’”. “Yes,” says the Spirit, “that they may rest from their labours, and their works follow them” – Revelations 14: 13.

Partings come and hearts are broken, loved ones go with words unspoken.

It is with heavy hearts that we gather here this evening to bid Ms. Mavis Aku Tettey farewell. The entire postgraduate community is still in a state of shock and finding it hard to come to terms with the sad reality that you are gone. How could Mavis, full of life be gone so soon? We, however, take consolation in our belief that absent from the body means present with the Lord.

Mavis’s role as the administrator for the Faculty of Integrated Management Sciences (FIMS) brought deep connection between herself and the students of the postgraduate school. Frequenting her office was our usual routine because we would either go to make a submission or an inquiry on a matter. In all those encounters it was always a great delight to visit her office because of the warm reception she gave us. Her infectious smile and sweet soft-spoken voice brought warmth and brightened the day of many troubled students that left her office.

The Graduate Students Association of Ghana, UMaT Chapter again received the news of your enrollment to the school of postgraduate studies with great excitement because we knew who you were and what you could contribute to our dear association. However, we started asking questions when you were missing during the 15th matriculation ceremony. We enquired of your whereabout but we were told with an assurance that you were indisposed but will soon join us in our course of study. It is sad that that assurance never saw the dawn of day and you never recovered from the illness to join us in any of the courses you registered for. When we meet in class, you will be missing and your seat will be empty, our heart bleeds that you left without a goodbye.

Mavis, we will miss your soft-spoken voice, we will miss you in that office, we will miss you in class. Our consolation is that you have transitioned to be with the Lord, and till we meet again, fare thee well Mavis.

Source: GRASAG – UMaT Editorial Team